What is it?
PHP License Admin is a small PHP script intended to help small to medium size
organizations better manage their software licenses. So if you are "that" IT
manager with a 3-ring binder overflowing with oft-scribbled pieces of paper,
the loss of which would likely induce cardiac arrest, this software is for you.

What does it require?
You'll need:
        1) A web server (apache/lighttpd/IIS) running PHP
        2) A MySQL server

How do I install it?
With gusto!  Just kidding... installation is pretty simple.  In a nutshell,
you create the database, import the database schema, and copy the PHP and CSS
file to the directory in your webserver where you want them to live, edit the
config file, and set up your webserver to handle the php file (if needed).

For more details, see the file named 'INSTALLATION' included in the project's

The icons used by this software are from the Silk Icons set, released under the
Creative Commons license by Mark James.  You can find this icons and many, many
more at his website: http://famfamfam.com

PHP License Admin is Copyright 2008, Eric Schwimmer, via the GNU General
Public License.  Please see the file named 'LICENSE' included in the project's
To download this product, please visit the project's Sourceforge page

Here's an example screenshot: